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Amit-2000T - Telephone Channel Receiver

The Amit-2000T Telephone Channel Receiver is a member of our new line of Stand-Alone compact and Low-cost Receivers.
Connected to 1 or 2 Telephone Line(s), it completes a fully featured Telephone Channel Central Alarm Monitoring Station. A computer system with 'Automation Software' is optional.
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Amit-2000T Telephone Channel Receiver

Main Features:

  • Multiple Protocol capability:
    Model TL:
    - All standard American formats : 3,1,1 ; 4,2,1&4,2, 1400&2300 Hz
    - All formats can be mixed on the same line and will be automatically detected and decoded.
    Model TH :
    - All Model TL features + Contact-ID format and expanded memory capacity to 64 last messages.
    Model TG :
    - Galaxy High-Speed format.
  • Master/Slave arrangement allows both TL/TH and TG units to share the same Tel.Lines.
  • Interface to 2 incoming Tel. lines.
  • Display (backlighted LCD type) of the received message (ID + Message No.) & line No.
  • Memory and display possibility of last 20 (64 for TH ,40 for Galaxy) received messages. Messages in memory can be recalled from front panel.
  • Measurement and display of operating voltage.
  • System Status & Alarms LED display.
  • Connection to Control Computer with 'Automation Software'. Acknowledge flow control.
  • Output to an optional Backup Auxiliary Computer. Automatic switch-over to the Backup PC output when Main PC fails to acknowledge messages.
  • Internal Speaker to monitor the Received and Acknowledge signals on the Tel. Line - controlled from the front Panel.
  • Very compact dimensions: 25 x 16 x 4 cm.
  • Low Power consumption: 75 milli-amp. from 12 VDC supply.
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