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DTX-99V Radio Transmitter

The DTX-99V Radio Transmitter integrates a high-power very efficient RF section and an internal Output&Reverse RF Power measurment circutry, allowing for on-site optimal antenna matching. The on-board microprocessor is used to set the transmission frequency and to measure transmission parameters.
This very small (100x55x26 mm.) and high-power unit is ideal for externally modulated Alarm/Telemetry data transmisiion.
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DTX-99V Radio Transmitter

Main Features:

  • VHF (135-175 Mhz) Alarm/Telemetry Narrow-Band FM.
  • Output Power: 8 Watt.
  • Inputs: Audio-In 300-2500 Hz, PTT.
  • Programmable frequencies.
  • Measurement of Output Power and Supply votage during tranmission.
  • Measurement & LED display of VSWR, allows on-site antenna matching and transmission monitoring.
  • Digital Alarm output for High VSWR, Low Output Power, Low Input Votage, No Frequency Locking etc...
  • Enables reporting Transmission problems on other available communication channels (e.g. Tel. Dialer).
  • Meets ETS 300-086 standard specifications.
  • Small size, low cost.
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DTX-99V RF specifications

Frequency Range 135..175 Mhz L, M, H
Transmission Power 8 Watt @13.8 Vdc
Type of Modulation FE3 (Narrow-band FM)  
Frequecy Stability +/- 1.5 Khz max. -10°C to +60°C
Channel Spacing 12.5 Khz 25 Khz on demand
Max. Freq. deviation +/- 2.5 Khz (5 Khz for 25 Khz spacing) for 100% modulation @ 1 Khz.
Spurious&Harmonics below -36 dbm
below -30 dbm
< 1 Ghz
> 1 Ghz
Audio Input Impedace 50 Kohm 1 Vp-p for max. deviation. Internally limmited.
Typical Current Cunsumption 6 milli-amp
1.25 Amp
Max. duty-cycle 20% Avarage in 5 min.
Phisical 100x55x26 mm.; 150 gr.