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RTD-804GT GPRS Communicator




  • General purpose Alerts Communicator with Telephone Channel backup dialer (GPRS+Tel.Channel communicator to Central Alarm Monitoring Station + SMS to user phone).
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  • NEW: Dual-SIM option (RTD-804GT2), offering an alternative connection trough a second GSM provider in case of a failure in the primary GSM/GPRS channel.
  • 8 individually programmable Inputs:
    - Polarity (N.C. or N.O.);
    - Contact_ID Event code, Group, Zone/User number;
    - Response time;
    - Transmission channel selection:
    - GPRS on Event
    - GPRS on Restore
    - SMS on Event (Select from 8 Tel. numbers(option))
    - SMS on Restore (Select from 8 Tel. numbers (option))
    - SMS text message definition (on Event + on Restore) (option).
  • Box Tamper Input (N.C.)
  • 4 Outputs for Remote Control:
    - 1 Change-Over dry contact Relay;
    - 3 open-collector, 1 Amp. Max.;
  • Tel. Channel dialer in Contact-ID format for backup.
  • Telephone Line monitoring and Failure report via the GPRS channel.
  • GRPS channel failure reported via the Tel. Channel.
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