AlNet-2007 System ADI-08E Station ZX-8 Station ZX-16 Station

The ADI-08E Station

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Each ADI-08E/Z8 Station is a complete fully featured Alarm Panel, including the following specifications:
  • 8 supervised inputs. End-of-Line resistors supervision can be disabled via on-board jumpers. Each input has a full alphanumeric description of up to 14 letters.
  • Alphanumeric large font, back-lighted 2 x 16 characters LCD display.
  • 24 keys keypad, including special function keys for Panic, Fire, Medical, Away, Stay, Bypass, Chime, Menu. A PC-like Up/Down/Enter/Esc functional keys allow for easy, user-friendly system operation.
  • 32 double User Codes (PIDs) (normal/duress), each with full name description - up to 14 characters each. 5 levels of PID priority, from one-time user to system-master. Each User operation (Arm/Disarm, Bypass, etc.) reported to the Central includes the User PID number.
  • 3 operation states: Off, Armed-Away, Armed-Stay. Separate zones operation definition for each state.
  • 100 last events on-board memory. Can be viewed either locally or from the Central.
  • Date/Time/Day-of-Week continuous display.
  • Output control of local Siren. 3 Remote Control outputs (0.5 Amp each). 8 supervised Remote Control outputs (3 Amp each) - optional.
  • Day Chime function, with different entry/exit alert option.
  • Wireless Receiver with up to 16 different codes learning capability. Each code can be assigned to a specific (1-of-8) User, and perform a specific function (e.g. Panic, Medical, Arm, Arm/Disarm, etc.).
  • A built-in Microphone and balanced line-driver can be remotely operated from the Central for listen-in option. Requires separate 2 wires for each loop.
  • Integrated temperature sensor with +/- 0.5°C accuracy. Continuous temperature display. Temperature report to the Central (optional).
  • Access Control for 2 Proximity Readers and 2 doors.
    - 500/1000 Keys capacity for each Keypad.
    - 30 access-time frames (each with two time slots for each week-day).
    - 500/1000 events memory.
    - Add/Delete keys locally or from system PC.
    - Real-time events update to local PC.
    - Exception and Alert events sent to Central Station.
    - Arm/Disarm system by presenting Key - with or without PID entry.
    - Guard Tour Control features.
  • All housed in a compact keypad, including all inputs/outputs, which are presented on a detachable small board, for easy installation/maintenance.
All Station parameters (except PIDs) can be downloaded to the Central, updated there via the AlNet-2007 software and uploaded back to the Station, with no interference to system operation.
The entire firmware (or any part of it) of the station can be remotely updated from the Central, with no interference to system operation.
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