WinGal WinGal 2000

WinGal 2000 Automation Software

The New WinGal2000 Windows-based Automation Software is a comprehensive fully-featured solution for small, medium and large Central Monitoring Stations. It is based on a Client-Server architecture, using Microsoft SQL Server technology. Both the free Express (for small-to-medium installations) and the Licensed Standard (for medium-to large installations) Editions of the SQL Server can be used by the software.

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The new WinGal2000 basic features are based on our tried-and-trusted legacy original WinGal Automation Software, with an extensive list of improvements and new features:
  • A Video Server module allows for automatic access of remote sites equipped with DVR/NVRs and IP cameras - recording the received Video stream and displaying it on up-to three Monitors (available on each WinGal2000 Station).
  • An SMS Server allows the Automatic and/or Manual transmission of SMS alerts to all selected Contact Persons.
  • A PUSH Server allows the Automatic and/or Manual transmission of Events and free-text using our proprietary GuardianX Application. Message Read-verification feature allows for automatic alert if a Message is not read by the Contact person in a predefined time frame.
  • Unlimited number of different Communication Channels (Tel., Radio, GPRS/3G, IP, Video, Leased-Line, etc…) – with separate Remote-Unit ID on each channel.
  • Separate Activity/Test monitoring and Alert on each Communication Channel.
  • Separate Messages-Group for decoding the Remote-Units report format for each Communication Channel – selected from common System Groups list or specifically defined for each Client.
  • Unlimited number of Message Groups, each Event in a Group defined by Received Code, Priority (0..99 levels, each color & sound coded), Main & Secondary Event Type, Waiting-for-Restore Event and Time parameters, etc…
  • Extensive handling of Alarm Systems with multiple Partitions:
    - Option for separate Remote-Unit ID number for each Partition.
    - Separate Opening/Closing hours schedule for each Partition.
    - Separate lists of Alarm Zones, Keypads, Expansion Modules, Client-specific Zones for each Partition.
    - Contact Persons can be assigned per specific Partitions.
  • Installation details:
    - Type of installed Systems (Alarm, Fire, Access-Control, Video, etc..)
    - The Specific Model of each system Type
    - External Communicator types & models (GPRS/3G, IP , Radio Transmitter, etc…)
    - Details of the Installer of each system type
    - Installation description (text and optional photo(s))
    - A Help page for each installed equipment Model
  • Real-Time Guard Tour Control module that can be defined for every Client - with definitions for each day of Start and End of the Tour, time spacing between each Round, the maximum length of each Round and the required Zones activated on each. Alerts for "missing Round Start" and "missing Round End on-time".
  • Contac Persons definition, for each:
    - Name & Position
    - Notification Priority
    - Key Holder
    - Partition(s) association
    - Channels for Automatic notification (SMS, PUSH, Mail) and a specific selection of Event Types to be sent on these channels
    - Availability schedule: within any week frame, on Vacations, on Holidays
    - Channels & Details for Manual notification: Tel., SMS, PUSH, Mail
    Definition for "Group Contact-person(s)" with all the above parameters which can be assigned to multiple Clients (e.g. a Security Officer of a retailer chain of shops)
  • Access Routes, both text and automatic access and pointing on a Map.
  • Extensive set of Reports in PDF and Excel formats. New reports can be added by dropping a Report File in a specific folder – no need for entire software update.
Our new WinGal2000 can be installed on a minimum configuration of only two PCs, providing a fully featured Alarm Automation System to a small CMS, and be gradually expanded to handle any number of Operator & Management Stations, and a dedicated set of SQL Servers, for on-line Real Time backup and Automatic switch-over.