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Amit-2020R - Radio Channel Receiver

The Amit-2020R Radio Channel Receiver is a member of our new line of Stand-Alone compact and Low-cost Receivers. Combined with an external Radio Transceiver (VHF/UHF) and Automation Software System - it completes a fully featured Radio Channel Central Alarm Monitoring Station.
The Amit-2020R supports the Galaxy High-Speed format, as well as Motorola Intrac, MilcolD and all derivatives.
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Amit-2020R Radio Channel Receiver

Main Features:

  • Available for Galaxy High-Speed format and Motorola formats.
  • Memory for last 1,000 incoming Events
  • Display of incoming Messages and System Status, manual scroll
  • Two Serial RS-232 outputs in two operational modes:
    - Backup Mode: automatic switchover to second port if failing to receive Acknowledge from the Automation System.
    - Dual-Systems mode: sending the Events to two separate Automation Systems – with separate Events Queue for each.
  • Optional IP output using TCP/IP LAN connection – in two operational modes: Backup Mode & Dual-Systems mode.
  • Internal Speaker for Audio monitoring the transceiver audio signal.
  • Very compact dimensions: 25 x 16 x 4 cm.
  • Low Power consumption: 75 milli-amp. from 12 VDC supply (Radio Transceiver not included).
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