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The Galaxy GPRS Server


  • Can handle 2000+ GPRS connections (End-Units).
  • Download/Upload from/to a selected End-Unit. All unit parameters can be Downloaded, viewed - and optionally altered and Uploaded back.
  • Status Update from a specific End-Unit. Sending a Status Report request to a selected End-Unit. Received report includes all End-Unit I/O statuses, the Voltage reading at the Power Supply and the Battery inputs (Analog display), and an update on the RSSI and BER.
  • Outputs Remote Control to a selected End-Unit: On/Off control of each Output.
  • NO manual data-base updates required. All End-Units connection data is automatically updated at each new connection and Supervision "Alive" signal reception.
  • RSSI (Received Signal Strength) History for each End-Unit:
    - Graphic display (selecting Start/End Date/Times);
    - Automatic alert on single drop below a specified threshold (with hysterezis);
    - Automatic alert for a gradual degradation in RSSI over time.
  • General Display:
    - List of "Connected OK" and "Connection Failed" End-Units;
    - All arriving Messages and Supervision ("Alive") signals;
    - Connection and Queue status to the Automation Software
  • Status display for each End-Unit connection (automatically updated data-base):
    - Unit type, Client ID number, IP address;
    - Received Signal Strength (RSSI) and Bit Error Rate (BER)(at the End-Unit side) - as received in the last "Alive" signal;
    - The "Alive" signal interval and number of missing "Alive" signals before a "Communication Lost" Event is generated for this Client - (received and updated from the End-Unit on each "Alive" signal);
    - Last received (Contact-ID) Event from the End-Unit (inc. Date/time);
    - Last received "Alive" signal Date/Time;
    - End-Unit Status (last status as received in the "Alive" signal), including: Outputs state, Input Voltage & Battery state, Box Tamper, Ext. Panel Connection status.
  • Connection to Automation Software:
    - 2 Serial Comm. Outputs for Main and Backup connection;
    - Automatic switchover between the Main and Backup output when no acknowledge is received (toggled operation);
    - Standard Contact-ID messaging format.
  • Hardware: standard PC with Windows XP/Windows 7 O/S.
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