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The D.E.S.K. GPRS Channel


  • Supervised Two-way Wireless communication.
  • No range limit. Operating from everywhere with GSM/GPRS coverage.
  • NEW: Dual-SIM Communicators option, offering an alternative connection trough a second GSM provider in case of a failure in the Main channel.
  • Very fast Event transmission: 2-5 seconds for Event Transmission + Acknowledge from the Central Alarm Monitoring Station (CAMS) - comparable to 2-way Long Range Radio transmission. Much better that One-way Radio (for multiple messages) and Tel. Channel transmission speeds.
  • All GPRS Communicators are fully supervised. Supervision signal interval can be individually programmed into each End Unit (the GPRS Server is automatically updated with the data - by the End Unit).
  • Communicators RSSI (reception level) monitoring and automatic alert sent to the Automation Software in case of crossing a defined low threshold.
  • Very efficient message encoding allows 5 minutes Supervision signal interval with only 1 Mbyte/Month of total data traffic (including the TCP/IP overhead).
  • Full Communicator status report on each Supervision signal, including I/O status, Power & Battery status, and GSM Received Signal Strength (RSSI) at the End-Unit.
  • Full Upload/Download of all Parameters and Status Request Report - over the GPRS channel.
  • Remote Control of Communicators outputs via the GPRS channel.
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