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RTD-804GP GPRS Communicator




  • Replacement for Two-Way and One-Way Long-Range Radio Communicator
  • Replacement for Alarm Panels Cellular Adaptor
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  • NEW: Dual-SIM option (RTD-804GP2), offering an alternative connection trough a second GSM provider in case of a failure in the primary GSM/GPRS channel.
  • 8 individually programmable Inputs:
    - Polarity (N.C. or N.O.);
    - Contact_ID Event code, Group, Zone/User number;
    - Response time;
    - Transmission channel selection:
    - GPRS on Event
    - GPRS on Restore
    - SMS on Event (Select from 8 Tel. numbers(option))
    - SMS on Restore (Select from 8 Tel. numbers (option))
    - SMS text message definition (on Event + on Restore) (option).
  • Box Tamper Input (N.C.)
  • 4 Outputs for Remote Control:
    - 1 Change-Over dry contact Relay;
    - 3 open-collector, 1 Amp. Max.;
  • Connection to ALL types of Alarm Panels trough their standard Tel. Line inputs (Telephone Line and Central Station Receiver simulation for the Panel). Messages received from the Panel are sent via the GPRS channel in Contact-ID format.
  • Telephone Line monitoring and Failure report via the GPRS channel.
  • Automatic switching of Tel. Line to the Panel in case of GPRS channel failure.
  • GPRS channel Failure output - to be reported by the Panel on the standard Tel. Channel.
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