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ComSec-UPI – Universal Alarm Panel Interface


The ComSec-UPI interface board connects between the ComSec-1000GS/GS2 Communicator and any Alarm Panel compatible with Contact-ID messaging format. The unit simulates to the Alarm Panel a Telephone Line and a standard Contact-ID Alarm Receiver. All Events from the alarm Panel Dialer are received and acknowledged by the ComSec-UPI, then transferred to the ComSec-1000GS communicator – to be transmitted via the GPRS channel.

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Main Features:

  • Four operation modes (selectable by a DIP Switch):
    - No Tel. Line available - always simulates Tel. Line to Panel.
    - In parallel to the Tel. Line - activated when the Panel dials
    a special number (usually set in the Panel's Second Central
    Station number option), or in case the Tel. Line fails.
    - Tel. Line as Backup – when the GPRS channel is connected ok,
    the Panel receives the simulated Line from the UPI and all Events
    are transferred to the ComSec-1000GS and transmitted on the GPRS
    channel. When the GPRS channel fails – the standard Tel. Line
    is switched to the Panel.
    - Backup Mode – connects the Simulated Line to the Alarm Panel only
    when the Tel. Channel fails (either a Tel. Line fail or the Central
    Station Receiver fails). In this Mode - when the Tel. Channel is ok,
    the main Events can be transmitted on the GPRS channel by using
    the ComSec-1000GS eight Inputs.
  • Telephone Line Monitor – reporting Tel. Line status changes on the GPRS channel.
  • Two Inputs , one for connecting to the Panel Tel. Channel fail Output (optional).
  • Two Monitoring LEDs : Tel. Line status and Alarm Panel data transfer.

General Specifications:

  • Size: 62 x 63 x18 mm.
  • Weight: 45 gr.
  • Current consumption: 30 milli-amp. average.

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